Alina and Tommy | Northern IL Wedding

Alina, of Russian heritage, told her parents when she was little that she would some day marry a Chinese Prince. Well, Tommy is Chinese.. and he's a doctor. So I'm going to say she came as close to a Chinese Prince as you can get. =) A beautiful September day for their unique wedding of blended cultures. Tommy had to pass a whole slew of tests in order to gain permission to marry Alina. He had to pick her flowers, drink hot sauce, do push-ups and many other feats. I do believe he even had to sing a little Backstreet Boys, hahaha. Once completing the tests, we headed to the Chicago Botanic Gardens for photos. Such a beautiful place with so many great spots for photos. After that, it was time to get married. The ceremony was at the Bahai Temple in one of their many gardens. The reception was then held in Buffalo Grove at Astoria Banquets where there was plenty of food, drinks and dancing.