Meredith and McCartney | Libertyville Farm

It was a little humid... and there were some mosquitoes... but these two rocked their session last night! Meredith has been leasing this horse for the past 2 years, and sadly, their time to part ways comes in August. Meredith will be headed off to college. What better way to celebrate her graduation and the bond these two have formed than with gorgeous sunset photos. Good luck at Balmoral this week!!

Mae | Class of 2015

Love my horse sessions! Especially when it's for a high school senior. Meet Mae and her horses Tachman and Pandor. Everyone was a trooper tonight as we had a cold front move in and it was misting heavily on us. Mae did amazing though! Special shout out to Lauren Schone for grooming up the ponies for us and having them ready to go! Tachman was also just awarded Best Turned Out Horse at the Maclay Regionals! 

Zoe: class of 2014

I've known Zoe for years now through riding horses. Zoe is also a dancer! I knew we'd have tons of fun taking her senior photos especially with her great sense of style. While we didn't work in the horses or the dancing, we got some amazing stuff just hanging out with nature and the mosquitoes. 

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