Amy and JD | Milwaukee Wedding

OMG! It has been far too long since I have blogged. Tis the busy season for sure. Things are winding down and I can start getting caught up online. Remember my teaser photos of Amy and JD on facebook? How can you not?! Amy is the pretty thing ever. Such an amazing smile. A beautiful Milwaukee wedding in September. A little windy being so close to the lake, but you can't tell from these smiles. We started out at the Pfister Hotel. So gorgeous there. Then we went to the art museum and Pier WI to finish up photos. The reception was also at Pier WI. Love that venue. So pretty there, and it has an amazing view of the city at night.

Amy and JD Engaged

So excited for Amy and JD's wedding next September! They are having it at Pier Wisconsin, which is a venue I absolutely love up in Milwaukee. We had a bit of a chilly day for our photos at the lake shore, but with cold weather comes an empty beach. Perfect for our session. Love love love the muted colors of the city and Lake Michigan and that awesome striped blanket they brought to cuddle up in. Can't wait for the big day my new friends!

Ben and Maria get married.

This was my third wedding with Maria's family. So much fun to be a part of all these happy days. Not to mention her family makes the best cheese ever So gorgeous this day was. So many pretty pastel color pallets, and you can't beat the fact that they had their beloved Charlie join us for photos. Congratulations Ben and Maria. Amazing wedding. Amazing People. To see more photos CLICK HERE for my facebook page and the full preview.

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My assistant Sarah caught this great shot as Maria walks up the aisle. 

My assistant Sarah caught this great shot as Maria walks up the aisle. 

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