Wade and Nicole | Grand Geneva Wedding

Congratulations to Nicole and Wade! This couple put so much heart and soul into every last detail of this wedding. Here are just a few shots from throughout the day. I will most certainly post more once their wedding is fully edited. The details were just amazing. There were many stops on this wedding day, from downtown Elkhorn, to Lake Geneva, to the grounds around the Grand Geneva where the reception was held. Flowers by Treasure Hut Flowers. Video by Hunter Floyd. Hair and makeup by The Well Spa. Cake designed by the bride herself and executed by The Grand Geneva.


Ben and Maria get married.

This was my third wedding with Maria's family. So much fun to be a part of all these happy days. Not to mention her family makes the best cheese ever So gorgeous this day was. So many pretty pastel color pallets, and you can't beat the fact that they had their beloved Charlie join us for photos. Congratulations Ben and Maria. Amazing wedding. Amazing People. To see more photos CLICK HERE for my facebook page and the full preview.

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My assistant Sarah caught this great shot as Maria walks up the aisle. 

My assistant Sarah caught this great shot as Maria walks up the aisle. 

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