Roberto and Serena | Chicago Wedding

Trying to get caught up on blogging last years weddings and I of course had to get this one out there. Serena and Roberto had a small intimate wedding at The Dawson in Chicago. Everything was so beautiful. Serena looked amazing in her BHLDN gown as we took photos around The Rookery, the Board of Trade building, and just outside The Dawson. Take a look!

Can’t resist a moment to embarrass the teenager.

Can’t resist a moment to embarrass the teenager.


Kerry and Mirel | Punta Mita, Mexico | Part 1

Where do I even begin with this wedding? My final wedding of 2017, and it was more amazing than I can even describe. I've known Kerry's family for quite some time now, but when I got the email to photograph Kerry's wedding in Punta Mita, Mexico, I was floored. To have the opportunity to photograph a wedding in such an amazing location.... pretty sure I did a happy dance. I have so many photos I want to share with you all that I am splitting this into parts. I was there from a Thursday until Sunday, and photographed all of the events that happened over the weekend from the welcome cocktails, to the rehearsal fiesta, to the wedding and finally the farewell brunch. Here are some of my favorites so far for the first half of the wedding day. 
Wedding Venue: Four Seasons, Puta Mita. Rentals: Rocco and Grupo Trendy. Florist: Francisco Salazar from VODAX. Huppa: Mobva. Hair and Makeup: Franc Gole and Jesus Avelar. Video and Second Shooter: Maxiko Media and Eder Acevedo. Wedding Planners: Chic Concepts Wedding Gown: Vera Wang.

I think the MOH was more nervous than the bride... Great shot Eder!

I think the MOH was more nervous than the bride... Great shot Eder!


To be continued...

Amy and Fritz | Chicago Wedding

Perfect! Everything was just perfect for Amy and Fritz on Saturday. No rain in sight and the temperature was just right. We started with Amy and the ladies getting ready up on the 91st floor of the Hancock building. The view was ah-ma-zing! A couple of blocks away was the church where they had a wonderful ceremony. Love the churches in Chicago. So ornate and beautiful. For photos, we went to Olive Park near Navy Pier. Love this spot, and love the little glimpse of Navy Pier you can get with this location. From there we made a quick stop at the Art Institute before headed in to the reception at the University Club. You looked amazing Amy and Fritz! So happy for you! Congrats and enjoy your quick preview! <3 <3

Exit photos are my fav for the ceremony. Everyone is so happy! And Fritz gave us a fist pump!

Exit photos are my fav for the ceremony. Everyone is so happy! And Fritz gave us a fist pump!

LOVE! One of my favorite spots in Chicago!

LOVE! One of my favorite spots in Chicago!

Love Fritz! His enthusiasm was top notch.&nbsp;

Love Fritz! His enthusiasm was top notch. 

Amanda + John

Beautiful wedding. Amanda and John are both very creative and it showed in all the little details of their wedding. Together they folded 1,000 paper cranes in 12 shades of blue. They used a photo of those cranes as texture for the copy of their stationary and signs to direct their guests. Those cranes also hung as a backdrop at the altar for their ceremony which was held at this amazing little park in Wheaton. You will see many other super fun details that display the personalities of these two throughout this post. So much fun. Thank you so much to Amanda and John for sharing this special day with me. 

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