Autumn and Chris | Wheeling Wedding

My last local wedding of 2017! I've known this girl for years! She is the one responsible for my amazing various hair colors. =) So thankful that for one day, it did not rain. We just had to brave the cold. But we had hand warmers, and make good use of our time to keep everyone from becoming icicles. Autumn's entire wedding took place at the Westin in Wheeling. A mere 5min from my home. They have an amazing little pond for photos that leads into a forest preserve. Perfect! Here is a brief sampling from their gorgeous wedding day. 


Alexis and Alex get married.

Such a beautiful wedding. And the weather was amazing! We started off with the ladies getting ready at the Kisbac residence and the men at the Renaissance Hotel. Love love LOVE Alexis's dress. It was Oscar de la Renta. Gorgeous! This was also my first experience with a Romanian ceremony which was so beautiful! The officiants actually wanted me to get right up in there for photos. It was amazing! Wedding party photos were at the most perfect time of day with beautiful light. We finished up with an amazing reception a the Renaissance Hotel in Schaumburg.


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